Please follow these simple instructions when using your Forno Allegro wood fired oven:-


Before using your oven to cook food it is important that the stone slab is brought up to the optimum operating temperature slowly.

  • Create a small fire with a little kindling and take it slowly at a temperature of 100 ° C max the first time, allow the temperature to fall back before taking it to a temperature of 150 ° C max the second time, let this cool off and then finally a third time to 200 ° C max, and let off slowly.  Do not use water to cool or put out the fire.
  • Once completely cool wash the stone slab thoroughly with warm water

Taking care of your oven:-

  • Do not put out the fire with water;
  • Once completely cool, wash the slab base with damp cloth
  • Do not wet the stone while the oven is hot to avoid thermal shock
  • Do not use detergents
  • Clean the oven externally with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth
  • Any residue of foods on the basis of volcanic stone can be removed once the oven is cool with a an abrasive pad, or clean (with half a lemon). The surface of the stone does not scratch, so you can use a steel spatula to remove food debris if required.
  • The stainless steel parts (without coating) can be cleaned with a damp cloth and with the addition of a few drops of stainless steel cleaner, and then clean with a damp cloth and lukewarm water
  • Small cracks and fissures that form in time will not affect the functionality of your oven
  • In order to better protect your oven when not in use keep it protected from the weather. We recommend a heavy duty waterproof cover.

If you have any questions or concerns about using or cleaning your oven please contact us by email.